Sports Participation and Sponsorship

Sport Offerings by College - Look here to view a complete listing of sports offered at each of California's Community Colleges - current year is in progress and subject to change.

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Sport Offering Charts by Conference - Look here to view a complete listing of sports offered at each of the CCCAA Conferences - current year is in progress and subject to change.

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Five-Year Sport Comparison Charts - These charts show California community college sport participation for women and men by sport over five year periods beginning with 2000-01 and concluding with the most recently completed season.

2015-16 through 2019-20

2010-11 through 2014-15

2005-06 through 2009-10

2000-01 through 2004-05



2018-19 CIF Participation Census

2017-18 CIF Participation Census

2016-17 CIF Participation Census

2015-16 CIF Participation Census

2014-15 CIF Participation Census

2013-14 CIF Participation Census


CCCAA Four Year Athletic Recruitment Report By Sport
Updated September 12, 2002
The CCCAA has arrayed the four year athletic recruitment report by sport. The report examines individual COA sanctioned sport offerings and identifies the specific number of teams within regions, a head count of each individual sport team, team members by year of competition in each sport, and recent residence of athletes competing in each COA sport.


Cost Containment

Cost Containment Decisions
Updated December 4, 2009

Institutional Responses to Cost Containment

Report of the CCCAA Board of Directors Cost Containment and Conferencing Committee on California Conferences
Northern California Proposal
Southern California Proposal
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Championships (Postconference)

Postconference Review Committee (PCRC) Report to the CCCAA Management Council
Updated September 27 2005
The Postconference Competition Review Committee (PCRC) met via conference call on September 12, 2005, to review the fall 2005 Form 5 legislation pertaining to postconference competition. Following are the committee's initial evaluations and recommendations. If the committee receives additional information regarding a proposal that results in a different evaluation and/or recommendation, an amended report will be forwarded to the Management Council prior to its October 20, 2005, meeting.

Championship Site-Selection Survey Report
Updated April 8 2004
The CCCAA conducted a comprehensive study of member college athletic directors in Spring 2004 to assist in developing a statewide philosophy for selection of CCCAA state championship sites. Sixty-one of 103 member college athletic directors participated in the survey project. For additional information, contact the CCCAA at or site selection subcommittee chairperson Gary Dilley of College of San Mateo at

PCRC Report to the COA Management Council
Updated March 5 2003
The CCCAA Postconference Review Committee (PCRC) has completed the third section of its ongoing report. This document is a sequel to the October 17 report and will be presented to the Management Council for adoption on March 27, 2003 during the COA's 6th annual convention.

PCRC Report to the CCCAA Management Council
Updated November 13 2002
The Postconference Review Committee (PCRC), a subcommittee of the COA Management Council, was created to author a plan for implementation of the COA Postconference Competition Mission Statement. The following report was presented to the COA Management Council on October 17, 2002. The report was adopted by the Management Council.


The Regional Economic Impact of Physical Education & Athletics Programs - Los Rios CC District

NCAA Division I Two-Year College Transfers Report

CCCAA Strategic Planning Report
Updated April 12 2002
The Board of Directors of the Commission on Athletics engaged in a strategic planning retreat on January 25-26, 2002 in Dana Point, CA. The purpose of the retreat was to create a preliminary draft strategic plan to guide the Board in its future allocation of effort and resources. The content of this report is based on information provided by Board and Management Council members and staff working in task groups. The material is presented with minimal editing in order to preserve the integrity of discussions and decisions.

Program Compliance Review Procedures
Updated July 1, 2019
The purpose of Self-Study is to present an opportunity for member colleges to objectively evaluate their own program in relationship to the CCCAA Constitution/Bylaws/Championship Handbooks, California Educational Code, Conference Constitution/Bylaws and state and federal laws and to identify opportunities for improvement in areas of concern by the overall conference.