CCCAA to sponsor Madden 22 Invitational on Dec. 29 for California Community College students

Madden Invitational
Madden Invitational

Registration: Xbox Series X|S or PS5
Tournament Information: Xbox Series X|S or PS5

SACRAMENTO – Are you a student at a California Community College? Do you think you can play EA Sports Madden 22 better than your friends? Do you want a chance to prove it? If so, then the CCCAA wants to provide you the chance to showcase your talents with the CCCAA Madden Invitational beginning on Dec. 29. There is no cost to enter.

That’s right, as the NFL season heads toward its playoffs, Madden 22 enthusiasts can get in the mood by competing against other players from throughout the California Community College system. Tournaments will be offered for both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles. Prizes will be awarded and the finals will be broadcast live at

Registration closes at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 28. Click here (Xbox Series X|S or PS5) to sign up with your .edu address from a California Community College.

The CCCAA Madden Invitational is the second esports event this fall for the CCCAA following the recent Soccar Invitational.

Game Rules

1.    Quarter Length: 5 minutes
2.    Play Clock: 40 seconds (default, cannot change)
3.    Skill Level: All-Madden
4.    Weather: Clear
5.    Injuries: 0
6.    Fatigue: Enabled
7.    Accelerated Clock: Off
8.    Game Speed: Normal
9.    Game Style: Competitive
10.  Event Type: Quick Presentation

Other Adjustable Settings

1.   Auto Sprint: Default On
2.   Auto Strafe: Default On
3.   Heat Seeker: Default On
4.   Ball Hawk: Default On
5.   Switch Assist: Default Off
6.   Autoplay Flip: Off
7.   Camera Setting: Standard

For a list of the full rules, click here