Watch CCCAA Board of Directors Meeting (Thu., Aug. 27) here at 10 a.m.

California Community College Athletic Association
California Community College Athletic Association

The Facebook Live link to the CCCAA Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, Aug. 27, will be posted here at 10 a.m. You can also view the meeting by going directly to the CCCAA Facebook page link below.


PDF of Agenda

AUGUST 27 – 10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM
A. Call to Order (Erika Endrijonas)
B. Additions to and Approval of the Agenda (Erika Endrijonas)
C. Approval of the Minutes (Erika Endrijonas)
1. August 17, 2020 
D. Public Comments
(Public comments are limited to three minutes per person).
E. Reports
1. Board Chair (Erika Endrijonas)
2. Interim Executive Director (Jennifer Cardone)
3. CCLC President/CEO (Larry Galizio)
4. Management Council (Kanoe Bandy)
F. Committee and Task Force Reports
1. Academic and Athletic Standards Review Committee (Ed Knudson)
2. Appeals Board (Erika Endrijonas)
3. Awards Committee (Kathleen Rose)
4. Constitution Committee (Celia Esposito-Noy)
5. Finance Committee (Greg Schulz)
6. Policy Committee (Brent Calvin)
7. Professional Development Committee (Kim Hoffmans)
8. Re-Conferencing Task Force (Keith Curry)
9. Student-Athlete Health and Wellness Committee (Juan Avalos)
G. Conference Representative Reports
(Reserved for reporting on conference matters to be brought to the attention of the Board)
H. Action Items
1. Board Committee Appointments
a. E-Sports (Board Member to replace Liddell and MC Member to replace Brian Sylva)
b. Policy Committee (MC Member to replace Trueblood)
c. Professional Development (MC Member to replace Sylva)
2. 2020-21 Budget
3. Constitution Committee Recommendation Regarding 19-20 Legislation
I. Additional Business
1. NJCAA Proposal (Greg Schulz)
2. Conference Commissioner Roles, Responsibilities (Celia Esposito-Noy)
3. E-Sports (Supplement I.3) (Stacy Thompson/Ulises Velasco)
4. Hiring Executive Director Timeline (Erika Endrijonas)
5. CCCAA Strategic Plan (Erika Endrijonas)
J. Future Meeting Dates
November 6, 2020 Virtual Fall Conference via ConferZoom – 8:00 to 10:30 am
February 11, 2021 via ConferZoom – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
April 2, 2021 DoubleTree by Hilton Ontario – 8:00 to 10:30 am
K. Announcements
L. Future Agenda Items
M. Adjournment