CCCAA Board of Directors issues statement in support of Black Lives Matter movement

CCCAA Board of Directors issues statement in support of Black Lives Matter movement

The CCCAA Board of Directors has issued the following statement on behalf of the CCCAA,

The California Community College Athletic Association is committed to providing opportunities for student-athletes to reach athletic, academic, and personal goals, regardless of their race, national origin or any other potentially discriminatory characteristic. We believe that athletics helps to provide a path to a brighter future for student-athletes and contributes to the overall well-being of our colleges and their communities.

However, for our student-athletes of color who make up a significant portion of our nearly 24,000 student-athletes overall, institutionalized racism creates roadblocks that hinder opportunities for upward mobility. Today, because of the recent killings of unarmed Black and African American men and women at the hands of police and protests demanding change in America, those obstacles are finally being confronted throughout our country after centuries of discrimination and inequities reflected throughout society. 

The CCCAA stands in solidarity with our Black and African American student-athletes, and supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and the change that is needed in this country to address the structural racism and systemic oppression that our student-athletes face every day. The student-athletes at our soon to be 110 member institutions come from many different backgrounds, have a wide variety of family dynamics and are only seeking an opportunity – a fair opportunity – to achieve the goals they’ve set out to better themselves and their futures.

The CCCAA is committed to having conversations with our staff and community college athletic leadership about creating safe and welcoming environments for our student-athletes of color to share their experiences with discrimination and racism. We are not only committed to having these discussions, but to working to help find solutions.

The CCCAA believes sports can be an avenue for change in society and our student-athletes can be leaders in the push for that change. As they forge their path during this historic time, we stand and support them.