CCCAA announces partnership with VOZZI


SACRAMENTO – In another step toward bringing innovative partners to its membership, the California Community College Athletic Association has announced it has entered into a three-year agreement with VOZZI, a unique SMS platform that can benefit schools in a variety of ways. 

“Our 110 member colleges are always looking for ways to increase engagement with their fans and other partners, while also raising much-needed revenue, and VOZZI is another tool for them to effectively do that,” said Jennifer Cardone, Executive Director. “VOZZI’s platform is unique and innovative, and we’re excited to bring them to our association as our official texting partner.” 

Ben Young, CEO and Co-Founder of VOZZI, said teaming up with the CCCAA and its nearly 24,000 student-athletes is a great fit.

"VOZZI takes tremendous pride when entering into any partnership. There are specific criteria that each partnership must demonstrate to move forward,” he said. “When discussions with the CCCAA started, it didn't take long to realize this was a partnership we wanted to enter into. The CCCAA shares the same vision that we at VOZZI have for each one of their teams. This will be a partnership that will help hundreds of teams drive significant revenue into their respective athletic departments. VOZZI is excited to be a part of this."

VOZZI is a SMS platform that is changing the way teams interact with their fanbase. VOZZI started with the intention to help sports teams throughout North America to help utilize mass texting to increase sales, build a database, and drive revenue. 

After three years of hard work and grind, VOZZI has partnered with six professional sport leagues, over 250 sports organizations and multiple premier tech partners such as Paciolan, Ticketmaster, GovX, FanSaves, Dash Auctions, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. 

The main factor that sets us apart from our industry competitors is our willingness to listen to team feedback and gear our solutions to focus on your needs.

VOZZI is excited to partner with the CCCAA as their SMS partner. We are excited to help these schools drive revenue, collect data and improve communication among students/fans.

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